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Over 40,000 people have exclusively licensed their clips with bviral!

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benefits of licensing your viral videos!

Unlock the full potential of your video with BVIRAL. When you license a clip with us, you access many great benefits. Here are a few...

video posted to bviral channels

potential channel growth

shared to ourpartner network

pitched totv shows

potential to earn a little

copyright protection

get your video the attention it deserves

BVIRAL licensed content receives over 500-billion views every year



Every licensing company in the market offers its own unique value proposition and focus. BVIRAL primarily focuses on providing videos with massive distribution – a mission that is inherent in our name. Indeed, some video owners do earn money from their clips when we sell them to third parties, and yes, we send out tens of thousands of dollars to video owners like you every month, but that’s our secondary strength (and a nice bonus).

If we’ve reached out to you, it’s because someone from our team believes you have an amazing video with a real chance of going viral. License your video with us if you want the world to see your amazing clip – there really is no faster path. Clips posted on BVIRAL and partner channels receive over 500 billion views a year.

Exclusively licensing a video means that the licensing company, individual, or entity that acquires the license has the sole and unique right to use, distribute, protect, or monetize that video in accordance with the terms of the agreement. When a video is exclusively licensed to a party, no other party is permitted to use or distribute the video in any way that falls under the scope of the exclusive license. In simple terms, you remain the sole owner of the video; however, you are partnering with the licensing company to manage the clip for you.

BVIRAL does not offer an upfront fee to license a clip. With over 40,000 videos licensed, our primary goal is to help your amazing video go viral. Our pages and partner pages accumulate over 500 billion views a year.

However, our standard licensing agreement does provide two paths for video owners to earn money. 1) We share profits with you if and when we are able to directly sell your clip to a third-party. 2) If we manage to collect a retroactive licensing fee from a third-party that posted your clip without authorization.

BVIRAL sends out tens of thousands of dollars to video owners every month; however, we cannot guarantee that a sale to a third-party will occur. In full transparency, no licensing company can guarantee this. You can rest in knowing that our interests are aligned: we earn money if we can sell the clip, so we are highly motivated to do so.

BVIRAL operates with a highly structured and systematic workflow. After you submit your video and license it to BVIRAL, it will be promptly reviewed by our clearance team, which ensures that all legal compliance checks are completed. This process can take 1-2 business days, depending on any potential issues regarding video ownership. Once a video passes the compliance check, you will receive an email notification.

Soon after receiving this email, the video will be uploaded to BVIRAL’s digital asset manager, which initiates a data-driven approach to distributing your content across our extensive network. Within minutes of being uploaded into our distribution technology, your video will first be posted to the @BVIRAL.LICENSING Instagram account, which has over 80,000 followers. You will be notified via email once this initial post is live. Be sure to like and share the post, as our system uses early performance data to determine the rate at which the video is distributed in our network!

Following this first post, your video will become available to all of BVIRAL’s channels and to BVIRAL distribution partners. Over the next few months and years, you will likely see your video posted on many large and reputable channels across all social platforms. Often videos even end up being picked up by globally recognized TV shows! Partnering with BVIRAL is the fastest path to virality.

BVIRAL boasts a large and skilled team of video licensors who actively contact video owners from around the world every day. If our team reaches out to you, it means our video researchers and licensors agree that you own a video with a high likelihood of going viral – congratulations.

So, how can you verify if the licensor who contacted you is legitimate? You can check if our main @BVIRAL Instagram account follows that individual. Alternatively, you can request that the main @BVIRAL Instagram account send you a message to confirm that the licensor is indeed associated with BVIRAL.

Many video owners are not aware that they can earn money from their clips. After you license a video with BVIRAL, if ANY third-party contacts you wanting to use and/or post the clip, please inform them that the video is licensed with BVIRAL and encourage them to reach out to

BVIRAL has an expert team of business development professionals who are equipped with contracts, pricing models, and most importantly, relationships that will help you navigate complex licensing requests.

If you notice a page posting your video, please notify our rights management team at Our rights management team will verify if the page is authorized to post the content. If not, we have a process in place to attempt to secure a retroactive license for the post. Should we successfully collect these retroactive licensing fees, we will always share a portion of that revenue with you, in accordance with the terms of your licensing agreement.


what do video owners say about working with bviral?

I have greatly enjoyed working with BVIRAL! They have brought me so many cool opportunities. All the licensing representatives have been extremely helpful and have explained very well what you’re getting into. My video has been seen by many people because of BVIRAL, which has expanded even more opportunities for me. I have had a very positive experience with them.

The team is not only professional but also very personable and kind. From the very beginning, I felt well looked after and supported. I’m impressed with their high-quality work, and I fully recommend BVIRAL. They even sent several hundred dollars to my PayPal account from the sales of my video, which was unexpected. Thank you, BVIRAL, for a first-class experience and a great partnership.

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