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Earn passively as we monetize your library and safeguard it against unauthorized use, all while you maintain full ownership of your clips!

rights management

Our intellectual property experts can help you protect your entire content library from IP theft.

Monetize your library

Passively monetize your video library while maintaining full ownership rights to your creative assets.

exclusive perks

Unlock exclusive access and discounts to products and services built specifically for creators.
rights management

you made amazing videos, why should others be allowed to steal them?

BVIRAL's team of legal and intellectual property experts has created a process that efficiently balances monetizing your content library with protecting and growing your personal brand.

  • Collect Ad Revenue from Unauthorized Posts
  • DMCA Takedowns on Repeat Offenders
  • Retroactive Licensing Fee Collections
Passively Monetize Your Videos

We Help You Generate Additional Income from Your Back Catalog

BVIRAL leverages industry knowledge and relationships to help creators passively monetize their videos, without ever asking them to give up ownership of their creative work.

video licensing & sales

BVIRAL will assist you in selling your old video assets to third-party content publishers, TV shows, and video syndicators.

monetized distribution

We help your clips reach their full potential by distributing them across our network of monetized pages and we share the revenue.

Recover Stolen Revenue

When someone uses your content illegally, BVIRAL has a process designed to recoup as much of the stolen revenue as possible.

Work with us

BVIRAL works with over 2,000 diverse content creators.

BVIRAL assists content creators with a combined following of over 100,000 in passively monetizing and protecting their back catalog of content. More than 2,000 creators actively trust us to protect their content, sell clips to large distributors, and distribute their content across monetized social channels.



Our mission in establishing the creator division was singular and clear: to enable creators to passively monetize their existing content libraries without you losing rights to your content. We are dedicated to offering a service that is effortlessly passive, ensuring that it in no way impedes your potential for growth. Our carefully structured contracts are designed to facilitate the passive monetization of your content, with a commitment to redistributing the majority of the generated revenue back to you.

Our contract currently includes three specific services: 1) Rights Management – we help protect your content from the illegal theft of your intellectual property; 2) Redistribution Assistance – we aid in redistributing your content to our network of monetized social media channels and share the earned revenue; and 3) Non-exclusive content sales – we help sell non-exclusive licenses of your content to large publishers and popular TV shows that feature UGC content.

Our team actively seeks to identify new passive opportunities for monetizing your existing content library.

No, our contracts with creators are consistent and the same across the board. We’ve structured our contracts to be fair, provide us with the margin needed to successfully build and grow the services we offer, and to be extremely competitive with others in the market.

We work with over 2,000 creators, and each operates under the same contract terms. Rest assured, our interests are fully aligned – BVIRAL only makes money if you make money. We do not charge for our services; instead, we share in the revenue we generate for you.

No, when we sign an agreement with a creator, we consistently honor the terms of that agreement. Adhering to the terms not only benefits BVIRAL but also the creators we work with. When you enter into an agreement with BVIRAL, you will know precisely what to expect in terms of the agreement, and you can be confident in our commitment to fairness across the board.

Many of our services require time to develop. For instance, it takes a considerable amount of time to integrate your content library into our rights management platform, and even longer for those platforms to identify unauthorized use of your videos. The contract duration needs to be sufficiently long to allow these processes to unfold and for revenue to accumulate over time. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a method to passively earn more money from the content you have already created.

Over the first few months of our partnership, we will ingest your content library into rights management tools provided by Meta, YouTube, and other large social media platforms. These tools will help identify unauthorized uses of your videos and, once identified (if the page is monetized), we will be able to collect future income earned on that post. Unfortunately, we are unable to automatically collect revenue retroactively. Additionally, when it strategically makes sense to protect your brand and earn money, we will protect your rights via DMCA takedowns. This is a very serious legal step and takes time to execute correctly, so we employ this strategy primarily with repeat offenders who knowingly infringe on your rights.

BVIRAL manages over 1 million viral videos, has over 50 million followers, and our content garners over 500 billion views a year! Thanks to this growth, we’ve developed numerous relationships and industry knowledge, enabling us to monetize exceptional viral content.

Without requiring you to relinquish ownership of your back catalog, we leverage our relationships to help monetize your content by: 1) Distributing your content on monetized channels and sharing the revenue with you, and 2) Attempting to sell your content (on a non-exclusive basis) to large media publishers and TV shows.

Our focus is on transforming your back catalog into an additional source of passive income for you, WITHOUT asking you to give up any rights.

Yes, this is fundamental to our mission. You retain ownership of your content; we simply assist in monetizing and protecting it on a non-exclusive basis.

However, we do require that we are the sole entity you collaborate with for rights management, as it is not feasible for more than one party to protect the rights of your content.

This varies dramatically from creator to creator, depending on the extent to which their content is stolen and the demand for their content from third-party buyers. Unfortunately, we have some creators who haven’t earned anything, while others earn tens of thousands. Regardless of which category you fall into, it is all passive, and we don’t hinder the growth of your content career or your ability to own and monetize your own content – so you really have nothing to lose.

We can transparently share that it takes time for your earnings to grow and build. It takes time to integrate your content into our system, to identify theft, and for the platforms to collect earnings. We ask all our creators to be patient and enjoy the royalties when they do come in.

This program won’t make you a millionaire overnight, but over time, it should generate passive revenue without you having to lift a finger.

BVIRAL possesses the tools and technology necessary for tracking all income sources and attributing revenue back to your content. The moment we receive payment from a platform or a partner, we typically pay creators their share within 24 hours. Our contracts allow us 30-60 days to make payments; however, we prefer to receive payments quickly and aim to treat creators the way we want to be treated – with fast payments.