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Access the best viral video clips

Increase viewership, growth, and profits by securing a content subscription with BVIRAL. Access the most viral videos across all content verticals.

Let bviral be your content acquisition partner

We created a subscription Model That actually works for publishers

Increase profits by partnering with the global leader in viral entertainment. Secure long-term fixed pricing and gain access to over 1.2 million of the most viral clips across all content verticals. A solution that truly works - we focus on securing the best videos, so you can concentrate on scaling distribution.

40,000+ clips

Never worry about running out of great viral videos! Thousands added monthly.

Videos in every category

Easily discover viral videos for every use case within every content category.

unlimited access

A model that truly scales and is profitable for publishers.

various pricing models

Multiple pricing structures to fit every client's needs.

quickly discover clips

Find videos faster with AI-powered visual search.

Easy work flow

No annoying reporting requirements; simply search, download, and use clips.
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Unlock access to over 1 million UGC short-form videos.
need a long term content solution?

let's partner

We don't sell individual clips like other licensing companies; instead, we partner with you to provide access to our entire library, allowing you to spend more time scaling and growing your business.



If you are interested in learning more about our content subscriptions, pricing, terms, etc., please contact us. Our partnerships team will respond within 1-2 business days.

We offer multiple pricing models to suit each client’s needs. To propose the most appropriate model for you, our team will ask follow-up questions to understand your goals and get a better insight into your distribution channels and intended use of our viral videos.

Our team will then provide 1-2 pricing models for your review. We are also happy to arrange a Google Meet to introduce ourselves and address any questions you may have.

Please note that we do not negotiate our contracts. Our pricing and contract terms are fixed and consistent across all partners. Our perfected subscription model allows partners to scale, be profitable, and ensures a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. Consistency in our approach allows us to operate efficiently and fairly for all our subscription partners.

We do not license individual clips for monetized social media use. Our focus is on forming long-term partnerships to help our partners grow and scale their distribution businesses. Through content subscriptions, we align interests, providing clients with the flexibility they need and giving BVIRAL predictable revenue. This allows us to rapidly grow and scale our content business, which in turn further benefits our clients.

If you are looking to purchase individual videos for social media use, there are many excellent companies that offer this service. Some we have worked with in the past include Jukin, ViralHog, Collab, Caters Media, LPE360, among others.

Should you wish to inquire about our content subscriptions, or if there’s a specific clip you’re interested in licensing for TV or movie use, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our primary objective is to acquire a library of the best vertical, viral short-form videos and to add breadth and depth by making available the libraries of thousands of the most talented content creators.

We focus on content that quickly grabs attention, is highly engaging, and maximizes view time. Our data suggests that these priorities lead to increased profits, distribution, and reach for our partners.

We have over 40,000 exclusively licensed clips and more than 1,000,000 videos from leading content creators around the globe. In total, our library comprises approximately 1,200,000 videos! We believe this to be one of the largest UGC video libraries available.

Currently, we add on average 1,500 exclusively licensed viral clips per month to our library, along with over 25,000 creator videos!

This number continues to grow and scale exponentially as we make significant investments in content acquisition.

Yes, we have built subscriptions to fit all use cases. Once our team understands how you plan to use the content (i.e., compilations, shorts, TV, etc.) and which channels you are looking to include, we use our internal pricing calculator to build you a subscription consistent with all of our partners.

Every video you see online is copyrighted, with the rights originating from the individual who filmed the clip. However, in many cases, viral videos are exclusively licensed or managed by professional content companies, like BVIRAL.

Companies such as BVIRAL help protect and monetize the intellectual property for the original video owner. If you use a video on your page (even if you credit) without acquiring the proper license, you are infringing on someone’s rights, and they are entitled to damages. They may choose to file a DMCA takedown on the page, which can sometimes result in demonetization or even deletion of your page, especially if you are a repeat offender.

Rather than battling with IP theft, professional content publishers often partner with a large licensing company like BVIRAL. In fact, we always advise our partners that, if possible, it’s wise to forge partnerships with as many reputable licensing companies as they can. These relationships not only reduce your legal liability but also allow you to scale your business without the costly investment of trying to acquire viral videos in-house at scale.

Subscribers will receive a login to our digital asset manager (DAM), where they can search, filter, explore, and download many of the internet’s best short-form viral videos.

Every content subscription includes access to our digital asset manager, onboarding support, and continued assistance for any questions or issues that may arise.

Additionally, depending on the subscription you choose, partners will gain full access to our exclusively licensed content library (over 40,000 videos) and/or our creator catalog with an additional 1+ million clips.

We approach our subscriptions not as transactions, but as opportunities to align long-term interests. We provide ongoing support and data to help you optimize your partnership with BVIRAL.

Yes, this is why we align long-term with our partners; we want to tie our success to yours. We constantly take feedback from our partners on their content needs and try to adjust accordingly. As trends and algorithms change, we strive to ensure we adapt to those changes.