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Partner with BVIRAL for unlimited access to fully licensed viral videos! Expand your brand’s social media growth and reach with content your audience will love. Unlock our complete library for just $997/Month for up to three pages. Enjoy a social media content strategy that truly works!

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A strategy that works: Supplement your brand's direct marketing content with proven short-form viral videos within your niche. Provide your customers with entertaining content they want to see, and expand your brand's reach and following by leveraging the evergreen distribution offered by short-form platforms like Reels, Shorts, Spotlight, and TikTok.

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A model that actually works for social media managers. Never worry about running out of viral videos for your pages.

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Our content subscription allows you to use our viral content on up to 3 different channels/pages for short form use.

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Unlock access to over 42,000 UGC short-form videos.
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Elevate your brand's social media presence to new heights by leveraging the world's most viral videos. Now you can get started in under 30-seconds with our brand-new, completely automated, rapid onboarding system. Lock in your rate of $997/mo. if you subscribe today!



Due to popular demand (our top-selling content subscription), we’ve developed a completely automated onboarding system for new partners. In under 30 seconds, you can simplify and enhance your business’s social media strategy, rapidly increasing viewership and growth.

To get started, simply complete the checkout process here. This will enroll you in our entry-level, 1-year, short-form content subscription at $997/month, which includes a license for up to three different channels—less than $350 per channel.

Immediately after checkout, you’ll receive login access to our content library, a detailed PDF explaining how to easily find content in your niche, and all the essential contracts and documents to ensure you secure your tax write-off for this business expense.

In under 30 seconds, you could be on your way to downloading proven viral videos for your brand’s social media channel.

Direct marketing works; however, continuously pushing direct marketing content to your followers does not add value for them, does not build rapport, does not increase engagement – and platform algorithms do not reward this type of content. There is a better way to build a healthy brand on social media without spending tens of thousands of dollars on costly content production – UGC (User Generated Content) viral videos.

BVIRAL is one of the fastest-growing viral video licensing companies in the world and one of the few to offer unlimited access to our entire library for short-form use. Search our library of over 45,000 videos, which grows by thousands each month, for content within your niche that your target audience would enjoy.

Download these videos and post them on highly viral, evergreen distribution platforms like Facebook and Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Snapchat Spotlight, or TikTok. Supplement your direct marketing content with highly entertaining videos that will rapidly increase your reach, build your following, put your brand in front of millions, and most importantly, allow you to connect and build rapport with your potential customers.

Our primary objective is to acquire a library of the best vertical, viral short-form videos and to add breadth and depth by making available the libraries of thousands of the most talented content creators.

We focus on content that quickly grabs attention, is highly engaging, and maximizes view time. Our data suggests that these priorities lead to increased profits, distribution, and reach for our partners.

We have over 45,000 exclusively licensed clips and add nearly 2,000 new clips across all content categories every month. We believe this to be one of the best UGC video libraries available.

Currently, we add on average 1,500-2,000 exclusively licensed viral clips per month to our library.

This number continues to grow and scale exponentially as we make significant investments in content acquisition.

Our Unlimited Short Form Video Usage License is just $997 a month with a one-year commitment. This subscription enables you to whitelist up to three different channels, meaning the cost per channel is under $350 per month—an unmatched rate. While our rates may increase as our library expands, securing a partnership with BVIRAL locks in your rate.

Every video you see online is copyrighted, with the rights originating from the individual who filmed the clip. However, in many cases, viral videos are exclusively licensed or managed by professional content companies, like BVIRAL.

Companies such as BVIRAL help protect and monetize the intellectual property for the original video owner. If you use a video on your page (even if you credit) without acquiring the proper license, you are infringing on someone’s rights, and they are entitled to damages. They may choose to file a DMCA takedown on the page, which can sometimes result in demonetization or even deletion of your page, especially if you are a repeat offender.

Rather than battling with IP theft, professional content publishers often partner with a large licensing company like BVIRAL. In fact, we always advise our partners that, if possible, it’s wise to forge partnerships with as many reputable licensing companies as they can. These relationships not only reduce your legal liability but also allow you to scale your business without the costly investment of trying to acquire viral videos in-house at scale.

Subscribers will receive a login to our digital asset manager (DAM), where they can search, filter, explore, and download many of the internet’s best short-form viral videos.

Every content subscription includes access to our digital asset manager, onboarding support, and continued assistance for any questions or issues that may arise.

We approach our subscriptions not as transactions, but as opportunities to align long-term interests. We provide ongoing support and data to help you optimize your partnership with BVIRAL.