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Get unlimited access to over 40,000 fully licensed bviral trending clips!

For only $897 a month (less than $300 per channel), get unlimited access to the web's most viral videos.

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a content subscription for social media channels who need short form content

BVIRAL is more than a licensing company; we're publishers like you. This experience has led us to develop a licensing subscription perfectly aligned with publishers' needs for short-form, viral content.

unlimited access to over 40,000 viral clips!

1000's of new videos added monthly

use videos on up to3 different pages

1-year contractlock in your rate

no reporting requirements

short-form use only

"No other licensing company offers you this for $897 a month!"

Unlimited usage of fully licensed content for short-form use on up to three different channels.



Every licensing company in the market offers its own unique value proposition and focus. BVIRAL primarily focuses on providing videos with massive distribution – a mission that is inherent in our name. Indeed, some video owners do earn money from their clips when we sell them to third parties, and yes, we send out tens of thousands of dollars to video owners like you every month, but that’s our secondary strength (and a nice bonus).

If we’ve reached out to you, it’s because someone from our team believes you have an amazing video with a real chance of going viral. License your video with us if you want the world to see your amazing clip – there really is no faster path. Clips posted on BVIRAL and partner channels receive over 500 billion views a year.

We’ve set up a demo account so you can take a look at our content library.

We are the only company in the world that offers unlimited access to over 40,000 viral videos (with thousands added each month) at a fixed rate of only $897 per month. While other licensing companies charge at least $150 per clip, if you need more than 6 clips per month, we are by far the best option for you. For fewer than 6 clips, it might not be the case.

Our subscriptions not only grant you unlimited access to the most viral clips worldwide but also allow you to use those clips for short-form content on up to 3 different pages as part of your subscription—that’s less than $300 per page. Not only will this short-form content help grow your page, but most of our partners are able to recoup this investment through the revenue they generate.

After checkout, our onboarding process starts immediately. You’ll gain access to our digital asset manager, where you can search for and download videos of your choosing. Additionally, you’ll receive an onboarding document filled with tips & tricks that will be invaluable in finding videos that best fit your page.

No, our contracts and rates are consistent across the board. We offer one of the most competitive packages on the market. Our short-form use only contracts allow you to add up to 3 channels, meaning each channel has unlimited access to over 40,000 viral clips—that’s less than $300 per channel. If you don’t have 3 channels, most of our partners simply use the opportunity to launch a new page and leverage BVIRAL content for growth.

BVIRAL boasts a large and skilled team of video licensors who actively contact video owners from around the world every day. If our team reaches out to you, it means our video researchers and licensors agree that you own a video with a high likelihood of going viral – congratulations.

“Yes, after checkout, our instant onboarding process begins. You’ll immediately receive an invite to our digital asset manager, a document offering tips & tricks for finding content, and a form for whitelisting channels as part of the subscription. Even if it’s 3 a.m. and you need content, you’ll get instant access after securing a content subscription.

Yes, more than 40% of our clients purchase more than one subscription to allow them to grow additional pages. Once our clients explore our library and realize how the subscription unlocks growth opportunities, they often return for more.