BVIRAL goes GOLD! 1 Million YouTube Subscribers.

BVIRAL goes GOLD! 1 million YouTube Subscribers.

Building a loyal audience is critical to success for any media publisher, influencer or brand. BVIRAL’s YouTube channel has achieved just that! After previously announcing the channel earned over 1 billion views in 2021, the BVIRAL team was thankful to learn of yet another milestone accomplished in 2021, reaching 1 million subscribers!

With BVIRAL’s Gold Status on YouTube secured, the company has big plans to capitalize on this momentum.

“With the recent launch of YouTube Shorts, the opportunity to quickly grow in this space became very clear. Our strategy was actually quite simple, post vertical short form content that people want to watch. We developed proprietary software and a process that helps us to predict our audience’s interest in a specific video.” – Chief Growth Officer – Mike Dominick.

The company continues to launch new channels on YouTube as it plans for 2022. BVIRAL plans to launch channels that focus on both long-form and short-form entertainment to reach a more diversified audience.