BVIRAL Snap shows reach 1 billion views in 2021!

Snap has quickly become one of BVIRAL’s fastest growing distribution channels. BVIRAL is pleased to announce that “VibeCheck”, a Snapchat show that exclusively leverages BVIRAL’s viral content, just hit 1 billion views in 2021!

In under 5 months, BVIRAL has helped grow the channel to nearly 400k subscribers! The popular show is currently adding an average of 5-10k new subscribers each week!

“I am very bullish on Snap, they are doing things right. Snap appears to have one of the best understandings of the creator ecosystem and are doing a great job balancing the needs of content consumers and content producers. I am blown away by our early success on Snap and I am looking forward to scaling our presence on the platform in 2022 – this could be our biggest internal initiative going into 2022.” – Founder and CEO, Jonathan Burdon.

Newest Snap show, “Relationships On Fire” is also showing early promise, gaining nearly 40,000 subscribers in the first 2 months of airing.