BestVideos Facebook Page Reaches 100k Likes

BestVideos Facebook Page Reaches 100k Likes!

Globally known for their ability to license and produce short form viral content, BVIRAL is once again celebrating a major milestone. Only 3-months since the launch of BestVideos, the Facebook page has already reached its 100k like!

“We study data and cultural trends and use it to create original content that people can’t stop watching. BestVideos is a brand dedicated to posting short dramas that embellish on real life situations. We are blown away by the level of engagement we receive on these videos.” – Melissa Bull, Team Lead for BestVideos.

The early success of BestVideos demonstrates BVIRAL’s ability to add breadth and depth to its content library. The short dramas attract a niche but highly sought after demographic. BestVideos reports that 82% of their followers are Women, 90% over the age of 25, and 75% from the USA.

BVIRAL will continue to invest heavily in the BestVideos brand as well as its other content production & licensing teams.